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Dreamslide Plus is a unique game that mixes line drawing and physics. Draw lines to help Little John slide to the end of the level. Collect stars and items for speed and bonus points. The game is meant to be challenging, so don’t give up easily! 

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Key Features:

-Unique gameplay: Think fast and draw lines in real time to avoid falling off the screen or hitting obstacles.

-Incredibly challenging: It takes a lot of practice to be able to control Little John, but it’s very rewarding once you learn how to fly! Levels are meant to be difficult -- requiring a lot of practice to finish them.

-40 partially randomized levels: Rote memorization won’t help!

-Whimsical soundtrack (check it out at the soundtrack page)!

-Combo system: Collect stars in succession and increase your score exponentially! How far can you go?

-Achievements: Can you earn them all?

-Leaderboards: Compare all your level scores with your friends.

-Combo mode: Play an endless level to achieve the largest combo possible.

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